Tips on SEO To Become A Popular Blogger

Search engine optimization helps to improve the structure of the blog or page. And it helps to improve the visibility of the page in search engines. The content of the blog should be easy to grasp by the readers and must have originality. Even though the content is unique, SEO is the unpaid technique to reach top visitors to the blog organically or naturally. Thus, it is possible to have many viewers to the blog while people are researching information on the items they need. The rankings are important before publishing a blog because people will not look for the information they need after the first five pages in the search engines and they prefer mostly the first 5-10 rankings pages.

Process in SEO before publishing a blog

There are many ways in SEO to get listed in the top rankings, and here are some of the most important steps while doing on-page SEOs before publishing a blog.

  • You should first start with the keyword research and determine which words people will most probably use to search the particular products, information, and many other things. For instance, if users need information about a particular mobile phone and they search using the keyword ‘compact mobile phone’. When you create a blog using that keyword, then you will have less competition and frequent visitors to the blog. You can optimize the title, meta tag, and Perma-link ( keywords) to get readers. You can include the keywords in the catchy title, then to the description in the meta tag which explains your blog in short, and to the URL which is permanent for your blog.

  • You can also optimize the images by giving the correct and apt-file size and file name with keyword inclusion, so the users have no issues while searching the image.
  • Thus, the keywords, title, Perma-link, and meta tag are the major factors in the optimization process. Then creating backlinks (link you to another webpage), internal links (link within your page) are some off-page SEO’S.
  • The local SEO is one strategy that helps to develop the business and products in the local areas while searching either in Google or Google map, and it directs the users to the blog.

Technical SEO is something not familiar with many bloggers that optimize the website and servers like robots.txt, URL structure, and XML sitemap. Thus, the blog is crawled and indexed first and also becomes user-friendly both for mobile and computer viewers.