A Timeless Tradition in Expressing Sympathy with Flowers

Showing empathy is a normal emotional makeup for human beings. If anyone hears someone is going through a difficult time, particularly losing a loved one, it is a natural response for people’s hearts and minds to respond with compassion. It is an unconscious response that reflects the depth of the emotional connection among others. It simply shows a relationship that grows and shows beyond any circumstances.

Hearing someone sharing news of a recent bereavement leads to having empathy. It naturally kicks into people because of our imagination of how painful it will be to the family who lose a loved one. Through this kind of emotion, it leads people to understand each other and share emotions. It simply shows the bonds formed among individuals because it is not an easy road to accept losing someone.

Whether it is a family member, colleague, friend, or someone closest to our heart, it is a common desire to provide comfort to each other and how important it is to stand by one another. In times of grief, the connection serves as a powerful reminder to help each other and find solace.

What to Do With Funeral Flowers

A Tradition in Expressing Sympathy

How people show their sympathy when someone is going through a hard time can vary a lot from one person to another. In fact, the way people express sympathy changes, especially across generations. It simply shows that everyone has their unique way of showing understanding to someone who is facing some difficulties in life. Traditionally, sending a flower for condolence has become a customary gesture to a grieving family. It was considered a common practice back in the old times and up to this time.

In the time of loss, flowers already carry a universal symbol of love and life. It is the main reason why it became a tradition to send flowers during times of loss. Aside from being present at the funeral, sending flowers somehow provides comfort and solace to a bereaved family. Up to these modern times, it is a practice that offers a sense of emotional support. It is one of the reasons why it became a tradition and ritual across the globe.

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