When Choosing a Gas Company You Should Also Consider Whether you Prefer Fixed Or Variable Prices

Natural gas rates in Georgia vary throughout the year, with prices lower during summer months and rising in winter. These rates are affected by a number of factors such as weather conditions and transportation costs. The average residential customer uses 717 therms per year approximately the same as the total consumption of the state’s gas. The cost you pay for these therms depends on which supplier you choose. Since deregulation, there are many companies that provide competitive rates. Some suppliers also have promotions that are worth a look.

When choosing a gas company you should also consider whether you prefer fixed or variable prices. Variable prices are managed by a gas marketer and can be changed at any time, whereas a fixed price remains the same for a certain period of time, such as 12 months. Some gas marketers also offer discounts to senior citizens.

The average natural gas bill in Atlanta ga gas prices varies depending on the size of your home and how much you consume. For instance larger homes require more energy, which will increase your gas bill. In addition, colder temperatures typically increase the cost of gas as it is used to heat homes. However, hot weather raises the cost of electricity because it is required to power air conditioning units.

You may be eligible to receive assistance with your electricity or gas bill if you’re an Atlanta resident. Atlanta Gas Light. The company offers assistance programs in collaboration with charities, businesses and other organizations. You can apply online or in person. The application process is quick and easy and your personal information will remain confidential.

Atlanta Gas Light was founded in 1881 as a publicly owned utility and remains a municipally owned company. It provides transportation, distribution and storage of natural gas. The company employs over 200 people and has around 200,000 customers in the metro Atlanta region. In addition to providing services the company also provides a variety of energy and financial programs for residents and businesses.

While it has a great reputation but it’s important to recognize that AGL’s rates aren’t the only aspect of your monthly bills. AGL’s regulatory status as a monopoly was reduced in 1998 by the General Assembly, allowing AGL to be split into retail and wholesale divisions, and compete with other gas marketers. The retail division of the company is Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) and its wholesale is Gas South.